Match Report

Match Details

Match : 2nd XI v Grosvenor 4s
Date : 2013-10-12
Venue : H
Score : 0-1
Scorers : Opposition

Match Report


From the beginning of the match Grosvenor were attacking strongly however Owls managed to hold off their advances and this resulted in an even game with mostly equal possession throughout. Grosvenor scored in the last few minutes of the first half and both teams came out fighting for the remaining half. Unfortunately no goals were scored although many threatening attempts were made by both sides. Owls managed to defend two strong penalty corners and had a close chance for a goal from one in the second half with a strike from Carrie Richmond. The score line of 1-0 was unfortunate for Owls but not undeserved for Grosvenor.

Team Lineup

Lucy Browne, Helen Knott, Rachel Mcfarland, Rachel Ferres, Connie Murray, Sarah Meharg, Carrie Richmond, Lynsey Lynn, Rachel Crawford, Lauren Turner, Karen Thompson